Suitable for Self Build & Main Contractors 


Taking the concerns of climate change and local conservation very seriously My Eco Homes is able to design and install our popular Grade A Low Carbon, Low Energy Sustainable family homes and buildings across the UK. Furthermore, the building costs are much the same / competitive as traditional build with all the additional benefits!

The core principle of all our project is sustainability and a low carbon footprint in construction and occupation for a lifecyle exceeding 40 years before any scheduled maintenance overhaul is required. Based on our similar homes in Northern Europe and with normal maintenance of cleaning gutters and ensuring the building envelope is kept in good order, it is expected the buildings will have a lifespan of over 100 years; therefore, providing a sustainable home for forthcoming generations to come.

The shell and core of all our homes are constructed to the same standards as a passive house. The logic to this approach is that the less energy lost through wastage and through the envelope, the less energy is required to replace it. This reduces carbon footprint and of course the cost to the climate and the pocket financially. E.g our bungalow in Bedfordshire currently enjoys an EPC rating of Grade A and the energy costs are only about £100 per year.