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This document sets out to provide an understanding to the relationship with visitors to our website[9], customers[3] seeking advice, and agents and purchasers[3] of our services and or products

The legal status

The laws of the England and Wales are applicable to this website and any contractual matters undertaken.
OFAH Developments UK Ltd, reserves the right to use the laws in any country applicable to any contractual matters as and where necessary.

Trading Name

Plots & Plans Go Eco (www.plots-plant.com) is a trade name of OFAH Developments Projects UK Ltd. Registered in the UK. 7990438 Registered 14th March 2012.

Registered Office
OFAH Developments Projects UK Ltd
3 Woodlands Drive
NG31 9DJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 0044 (0) 20 8133 1041
E-mail: admin@plots-plans.com

Terms and Conditions – Use of the Website.

© Copyright

All images and text included within this website (plots-plans.com) belongs to the company[1], with all rights reserved to protect the ownership of such material.  Viewers [2] are not permitted to copy, duplicate, replicate, reproduce or download information from this website unless prior permission or authorisation has been given in writing by the company[1].


Drawings and images as shown on this website are not final “Construction Status” approved production drawings; therefore, as such they are presented on this website for sales, visual aid, and suggestion purposes only. It is noted that the drawings and images may not reflect the final product. The company [1] reserves to right to change, alter and adjust the drawings and images as necessary without prior warning.


The viewers [2] must at all times work from site dimensions and measurements. Viewers [2] must not scale from the drawing/s provided by this website.

Planning Permission

The Company [2] offers a planning permissions drawing service. For further details on how we can assist you with a Planning Application, please contact us on trevor@plots-plans.com.

Building Regulations / Building Codes

Whilst the company [2] takes care to comply with statutory Building Regulations 2010  etc, it is the duty and responsibility of the viewer [2]  / purchaser [3] to ensure compliance full compliance plus any local statutory requirements.


1The CompanyOFAH Developments Projects UK Ltd / Plots & Plans Go Eco
2The ViewerVisitor to the website in any context or capacity
3PurchaserThe person, persons or company or organisation making a purchase of services, materials, or products from the company [1] and Supply Chain [8] by any means.
4PropertyThe intended location of delivery of the services, materials and or product.
5LegislationTOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT In ENGLAND The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, plus any other statutory national or local requirements
6ConsignmentMaterials or products sold by the company [1] or supply chain [8] to the purchaser [3] during the transportation and delivery phase only.
7Extension KitRefers to the permitted development the timber frame panels comprising of three external wall panels and one roof cassette as described in the Technical specification section (item 4.) within this document.


8Supply ChainIndependent company to the Company [1] providing services, materials, and products on freelance independent basis, but advertised on the Companies [1]website [9].


Permitted Development Extension Kits

 The company[1] can offer a number of extension solutions including what we call “Permitted Development Extension Kits”. Where circumstances permit a Permitted Development extension, we are able to offer an off the shelf adaptable build solution.  The following Legislation [5] and terms and conditions apply.

 Class A The enlargement, improvement, or other alteration of a dwelling house

Before placing any order with the company [1] the purchaser [3] is advised to seek independent planning advise from, local planning department and obtain a Lawful Development Certificate. The company[1] can assist with this for a separate fee.

It is the Purchasers [3] responsibility before placing any order with the company [1] to check and confirm that they are satisfied that the extension kit suitable for property[4] and complies with the parameters set out in legislation, including The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.

The Company [1] carries no responsibility or liability any misunderstanding of the legislation [5] however caused or arrived at.


  • Where expressly stated all prices quoted are inclusive of Value Added Tax.
  • The company [1] reserves the right to alter and change prices as and when necessary without prior warning.


  • Before delivery is made, the Company [1] must have received full payment.
  • The cost of one standard delivery is included in the purchase costs.
  • Any dates and times quoted for delivery are estimated only and will be honoured to the best of the ability of the Company [1], but time and date of the delivery shall not form part of the contact of sale.
  • The standard delivery includes for a roadside / next to highway kerb delivery only. The Company [1] will not enter onto a building site or go off road unless it has been agreed previously in writing. Verbal statements to the contrary will not be acceptable and form a change to this term or condition.
  • If the purchaser [3] requires off road or an alternative delivery strategy, the company [1] is happy to provide a separate estimate.
  • The purchaser [3] is responsible for the unloading of the goods and providing either a crane or lifting equipment.
  • If the purchaser [3] is unable to provide a crane or lifting equipment to take the delivery, the company [1] is happy to provide a separate estimate
  • The company [1] shall not be liable for any damage that occurs in the course of the unloading process.
  • If the time taken to unload consignment [6] exceeds one hour, the standing time of the vehicle and driver will be charged to the purchaser [3].
  • If the purchaser [3] fails to prepare and be ready for the delivery, which prevents the delivery taking place, the purchaser [3]will be charged for re-delivery. Payment must be made before the re-delivery can take place.
  • If a delivery fails to take place, the Company [1] reverses the right to cancel the delivery and credit back the purchaser [3]the cost of the goods, less the following restocking costs:
  • Panels for Extension Kit – £600
  • Windows and door pack – £450
  • Kitchen Pack – £800
  • Building Materials Pack – £250
  • Other – To Be Costed
  • It is the responsibility of the Purchaser [3] to inspect the consignment [6] for damage before off-loading. If damage or any kind if found, the Purchaser [3] is advised to take a photo of the matter on the lorry / vehicle and immediately send the image and call the company [1] on 07951355306. The company [1] shall not be liable for any damage once the consignment [6] has been off-loaded.

Force Majeure

The Company [1] shall be under no liability continue with an order if it is unable to carry out the process of the order (including delays in delivery) for any reason beyond its control including, without prejudice to generality of the foregoing, Act of God, fire, inclement or exceptional weather conditions, official or unofficial industrial action, hostilities, pandemic, shortage of labour, materials, power or other supplies, governmental order of intervention or any other cause whatsoever beyond the companies [1]control or of an unexpected or exceptional nature.

 Technical Specification For the Extension Kit [7]

  1. The dimension to a permitted development kit are fixed and cannot be changed. If the dimension are not suitable, the company[1] can offer a bespoke extension solution under a separate purchase arrangement.
  2. The Purchaser [3] shall be solely responsible for taking all necessary onsite measurements and dimensions. The Company [1]shall not be liable for any loss resulting from inaccuracy in such measurements and dimensions.
  3. The safe storage, careful handling and safe erection of timber panel extension kits [7] , timber panels sold separately, windows, kitchens and all other materials and products supplied by the Company [1] is the responsibility of the Purchaser [3].
  4. Compliance with the Building Regulations 2010 etc. is the responsibly of the Purchaser [3].
  5. The extension kit[7] comprises of the following:

The Wall Panels (With knock Out Panels)

  • 12 mm asphalt impregnated Bitroc board
  • 45 x 195 mm Timber Studs (C24)
  • 195 mm insulation kl. 37 (Rockwool)
  • 2 mm membrane / Vapour Barrier (Polytheane)
  • 45 x 45 mm vertical timber battens (Service Cavity)
  • 45 mm insulation kl. 37 (Rockwool)
  • 5 mm Fermacell board (Inner lining)
  • Fixings between panels

Roof Cassettes

  • Single Membrane Asphalt Roof Sheeting
  • 12 mm plywood Decking
  • Ventilation gap
  • 45 x 265 mm Structural Joists
  • 265 mm insulation kl. 37 (Rockwool)
  • 2 mm membrane / Vapour Barrier (Polyethene)
  • 22 x 95 mm Ceiling Battens (For fitting Plasterboard to)

Technical / Produce Data Sheets are available on request.

  1. The Purchaser [3] is responsible for the weathertightness and fixing / interface of the extension panels to the original building. The Company [1] does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the interface of the extension kit [7]or other panels with the original building including weathertightness, differential movement, settlement of any kind.
  2. The Purchaser [3] is responsible for the suitability of the foundations (structurally, line and level) up and including the DPC. The Company [1] does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the site works, foundations and structures etc. provided by the Purchaser [3] and or their agents and subcontractors.
  3. During construction, the Purchaser [3] is responsible for the safe assembly / erection / installation of the extension panels etc. Note: temporary bracing and propping may be required.  The Company [1] recommends that the Purchaser [3] provides and adheres to a proper Method Statement and Risk Assessment and uses only experienced and competent work persons to undertake to the construction works. The Company [1] does to accept any responsibility or liability for the site works.
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