TERMS & CONDITIONS - for selling legal plots in the United Kingdom

Principle of use: The site is limited to the use for selling legal plots1 of land in the United Kingdom that are legally suitable for development in line with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Plots & Plans5 have no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided in the advertment6 and expect the advertiser3 to provide honest and accurate information at all times.

Agents and professionals alike are welcome to place their advertisement6 for their plot/s1 for sale on this webpage free of charge up to the point of sale. On the sale of each plot1, Plots & Plans5 charge a one-off fee of £500 (incl. VAT) per plot1 (building / dwelling or flat etc).

Any miss or inappropriate use of this advertising facility as determined by the owner2 of this website will result in the advertisement6 being delated along with all of its content. Any illegal content may be passed to the police or law enforcement agencies as necessary.

Photos: Images supplied must in JPG or PNG format and be title free. The advertiser3 must have the full legal right/s and permission to use the image4 in the advertisement6. Plots & Plans5 do not take any responsibility for the rights / data protection to use the image.

One image4 of the plot1 is currently permitted.

The image4 must show the plot for sale. The image4 must not contain people, children or parts of a person/s of any description or by reflection from a reflective surface.

Price: Plots & Plans5 and the owner2 of the website do not under any circumstances provide a plot or land valuation service. The advertiser3 is totally responsible for providing their own value of the property / land or plot1 they wish to advertise6 and sell. The advertiser3 indemnifies Plots & Plans5 the owner2 from all / any legal issue relating to this matter.

Description:  The text is to be in clear English with correct English grammar from the Oxford English Dictionary. It is noted that the advertiser3 is fully responsible for the wording and description of the plot1 being advertised and the successful nature of the advertisement6.

Plots & Plans5 do not take any responsibility for the nature of the wording in the advertisement6.

Plots & Plans5 has the right to remove any advertisement6 that is deemed to contain word/s that are offensive or derogatory in any sense.

Vendor: The Advertiser3 (if not the same) is deemed to have the permission of the vendor7 to upload the advertisement6 to sell the plot1

Solicitor: In order to issue the Proforma Invoice9 and validate the advertisement6, the advertiser3 is required to provide the details of the solictor8. The advertisement6 may not go live until the solicitor8 has verified receipt and the agreement10 is in place. 

If the vendor7 changes the solicitors8 at any point they are required to inform Plots & Plans5. Failure to do so could result in the advertisment6 being removed from the website.

Fee: The fee £500 is only payable on the sale of the plot1. In simple terms, is there is no sale, there is no fee and the advertisement is free for the period11. The fee is none negotiable.

Period of Advertisement: The agreement10 is for the period to remain online for a period of 6 calendar months. Plots & Plans5 maintain the right to terminate of change the period11 at any time.

Services: Plots & Plans5 reserves the right to change and alter the terms and conditions of the use of the Plots webpage and anytime without warning. 

Users of the website

The legal status: The laws of England and Wales are applicable to this website and any contractual matters undertaken. Plots & Plans5, reserves the right to use the laws in any country applicable to a contractual matter as and where necessary.

The Company: The company is Plots & Plans5.   

All references to "OFAH", "Plots and Plans", or "Plot & Plans" on the website or in communications unless otherwise stated refers to this company.

© Copyright: All images and text included within this website Plots & Plans5, with all rights reserved to protect the ownership of such material.  Viewers, users of the website or third parties are not permitted to copy, duplicate, replicate, reproduce or download information from this website unless prior permission is given in writing.

Drawings: Drawings and images as shown on this website are not final “Construction Status” approved production drawings; therefore, as such they are presented on this website for sales and suggestion purposes only. It is noted that the drawings and images may not reflect actually the final product. Plots & Plans5 reserves to right to change, alter and adjust the drawings as necessary.

Definitions and Meanings

  1. Plot means each individual plot that contains a building / dwelling or flat. For example, if a plot has one building / dwelling, then one times the fee is payable; however, if the plot has say 5 building / dwellings or flats etc. then five times the fee is payable. If the plot has 20 buildings / dwelling or flats the 20 times the fee is payable.
  1. Owner mean the director and representatives of OFAH Developments Project UK Ltd. Registered: 7990438.
  1. Advertiser. The advertiser is the person who is described in Section 1 of the Plots Up Load Form. Advertisements will only go live when the ID of the company or person has been verified and section 7 has been signed.
  1. Image provided must be title free and the advertiser confirms that they have full permission to use the image for the purposes of the adverting the plot of land for development.

The image must not under any circumstance contain people, children or parts of the same including by reflection from a reflective surface. The owner2 maintains the right to delate or remove any image that is deemed by them to be unsuitable.

  1. Plots and Plans is the trading name for www.plots-plans.com and / or www.plots-plans.co.uk which managed by the owner2.
  1. Advertisement is the information and image submitted by the advertiser on the Plot Upload Form.
  1. Vendor is deemed to be the legal owner of the plot/s1 and has full title to the same under UK Law and the HM Land Registry.
  1. Solicitor is the legal representative of the vendor8 who is managing the conveyancing aspects of the sale of the plot of land etc.
  1. Proforma Invoice is the legal binding agreement10 between the vendor7 and Plots & Plans5. The proforma invoice will be issued to the solicitor8 directly at the point the advertisement6 is approved and validated by the owner2.
  1. Agreement is the Proforma Invoice9.

Period is the time period the advertisement6 will remain online. Plots & Plans5 maintain the right to change, cancel / terminate the agreement10 at any time.